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Author: michaelfaunce-brownsbooksfilmscripts

I have nine books on Amazon and full feature film scripts, low or medium budgets available. They are in genres: Action, Thriller, War, Horror or Family Drama. I started my Horror stories aged 12, when captivating my dormitory at school with instant horror stories, while avoiding the Headmaster's beatings. I have taught English and Maths for many years, been an army officer in the Bays, played sax. in a ten piece dance band, travelled 48 countries, raised a family and my autobiography: Blowing My Own Trumpet is on Amazon. A friend said he could not put down my "Tom Won't Break" till 2:00 a.m. Francis Fulford of Fulford Manor, Devon, said my autobiography is fantastic. Enjoy! An ex pupil of mine, now a Medical Consultant, Says "Keep Out Of The Dam, Sam" is brilliant, and has bought six copies, plus all seven of my other books. All of my books can be bought direct from me as Publisher: £9 p.p. in the UK and £12 p.p. overseas, through Paypal.

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