Michael Faunce-Brown’s Books & Screenplays

Vampire’s Apprentice” for 12+ but not for those of a nervous disposition. A 12 year-old boy’s visit to a lonely seaside churchyard leads to his capture by a vampire, to be used to entice other children to the “wine” cellar.

All my books are available, post paid, for £9 in the UK and £12 abroad, from Publisher: mrfbrown@hotmail.com

My autobiography, “Blowing My Own Trumpet”, termed “fantastic” by Francis Fulford, including ten brushes with death, playing in a 10 piece dance band, growing up during World War 2,  to boarding school aged seven, army life, and much more.

Slave Children” written to warn parents to take care of their children. Ex S.A.S. Baxter and three mates must track his stolen nephews before they vanish forever.

Teens & School Leavers Handbook”  £5 only, covering over 40 essential topics, including budgets,  parenting, sharing/buying a flat, buying a car, depression, pension.

Tom Won’t Break“, when a 17 year-old has his mother return to U.S.A. and his father drown. He is in sole charge of 60,000 acres of Queensland cattle country, till a “kind” ex employee enslaves him. Part 2. Tom as an army captain in Singapore, 1942.

“Keep Out Of The Dam, Sam” for 6-10 year-olds, just published and selling fast.  Sam and Annie have eleven exciting events in the Australian Outback.

“Tom In Trouble” for 11 plus, sees Tom given a broken prototype tunneler, which has him erupting in a bank raid, escaping from robbers and caught by witches.

“Slug Bait” for 16+, Mild Horror, when 17 year-old Henry is left in a rural boarding school and has to cope with an adventurous undermatron, a Headmaster, who has experiments in his cellar, and monster slugs after everyone.

“Young Escapers” for 10+, is on line with Smashwords.com.  Two fostered 12 year-olds are chased through various adventures by burglars wanting their loot, hidden by the boys.

Most of these stories are in Feature Filmscript format also, ready for production.